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Re: GMP 5 uploaded to Debian, -dev package changed

Dear Steve,

Am Sonntag, den 06.03.2011, 07:26 -0600 schrieb Steve M. Robbins:
> Well, I can honestly say I never expected this situation.  This must
> be a nightmare to maintain.

luckily, ghc does not have too many dependencies.

> > actually, this is getting all very complicated for us, since we have to
> > maintain a compiler which needs itself to compile and which suddenly has
> > become uninstallable. I???d be grateful if you could help us here.
> I'm sorry that the dev package was versioned.  This must be something
> that you deal with regularly, though, as packages evolve.  What do you
> normally do?

There are not many normal cases as ghc has few dependencies, and they
have not been renamed before :-)

> > One solution seems to be if libgmp10-dev would provide libgmp3-dev, at
> > least until we have built a new compiler depending on libgmp10-dev (or
> > libgmp-dev) on all architectures. Would that be an option?
> That's not a great option because "libgmp3-dev" promises the -dev
> package strictly for libgmp3, whereas libgmp10-dev promises the -dev
> package strictly for libgmp10.  I'm sorry that the dev package was
> versioned to start with and as I indicated, an unversioned virtual
> package is now provided.

Right, therefore I am suggesting it as a work-around only until we
managed to have ghc’s depending on libgmp-dev on all architectures. Then
you can remove the Provides.

I yet have to check if the current ghc packages actually work with
libgmp10-dev instead of libgmp3-dev, otherwise this work-around would
not help.

What would break? Other package build-depending on libgmp3-dev might try
to build and then fail (if they are hit by incompatibilities). But they
are not buildable now either, so while inconvenient, not a big problem. 

Any other possible consequence?


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