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Re: GMP 5 uploaded to Debian, -dev package changed

[CC to Steve just in case he is curious, I don’t think there is much he
can do for us.]

Hi Debian Haskell Group,

Am Samstag, den 05.03.2011, 21:15 -0600 schrieb Steve M. Robbins:
> This email is being sent to the package contact address for all
> packages that build using GMP; i.e. each package that declares a
> build-dependency on one of the following packages:
> 	lib32gmp3-dev
> 	lib64gmp3-dev
> 	libgmp3-dev
> The latest version of GMP has just been uploaded to Debian and is
> being built.  This is a SONAME change and, since the -dev package was
> versioned, the build-deps of your package must be adjusted.
> You may continue to use versioned dev packages (libgmp10-dev and
> 32/64-bit variants) if you wish.  Alternatively, these packages now
> provide an unversioned libgmp-dev package that may be used instead.

hmm, this causes problems for us now. The ghc6 package (or the ghc
package where available) depends on libgmp3-dev, which is no longer
available, it seems. Therefore, new versions of ghc, which build-depends
on ghc|ghc6, can not be built by any buildd.

It seems we have to manually bootstrap ghc on each architecture, by
building in a chroot where the old libgmp3-dev is available (to be able
to install a previous ghc), and where the new libgmp-dev is available
(to build against that). If that is not possible due to conflicts
between these, things get even more complicated... hmm, but that is the

Maybe we can install the previous ghc forcibly (ignoring the libgmp3-dev
dependency) and only install the library libgmp3c2 (= 2:4.3.2+dfsg-1),
hoping that the previous ghc still works. The ghc we are building would
build-depend on libgmp-dev. I’m not sure if DSA is happy to do such a
forced installation on the porterboxes though.



PS: I’m using a porterbox at the moment to manually build ghc, hoping to
get around the -lpthread issue there. Build failure on powerpc reported
to upstream.

Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
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