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Re: GHC's Provides


Quick reply.

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:18:38AM -0200, Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva wrote:
[...]  There's no
libghc-rts-dev-VERSION-HASH, but there is libghc-rts-dev, the file (instead of the directory) and the package.  There's no libghc-utf8-string-dev-VERSION-HASH, nor directory, nor package, but there's libghc-utf8-string-dev.  The same holds for xhtml.

How should this be fixed: libghc-ghc-dev and libghc-rts-dev-VERSION-HASH should
be provided, and libghc-utf8-string-dev and libghc-xhtml-dev should be droped.
The problem about libghc-rts-dev-VERSION-HASH is that this information is not
given in ghc-pkg describe, so maybe this can be an exception.

About the ghc, utf8-string and xhtml packages, does anyone has a clue about
what caused these bugs?

I spoke about this on IRC a few weeks ago. GHC stopped providing at
least utf8-string between 6.12.1 and 6.12.3, and it's probably now
stopped providing xml too. In Ubuntu we uploaded a patch to stop ghc6
from Providing utf8-string. I also re-uploaded the source package for
it, and am in the middle of adding BDs to the reverse depends
again. We'll want to do the same in Debian too.


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