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GHC's Provides


I made a list of the provides of GHC.  In the first field, there are the
provided packages without hashes, in the second field, the provided packages
with hashes, in the third field the directories (or files) in
/usr/lib/ghc-7.0.1/ and in the fourth field, the output of ghc-pkg list:

libghc-array-dev, libghc-array-dev-, array-, array-
libghc-base-dev, libghc-base-dev-, base-, base-
libghc-bin-package-db-dev, libghc-bin-package-db-dev-, bin-package-db-, bin-package-db-
libghc-bytestring-dev, libghc-bytestring-dev-, bytestring-, bytestring-
libghc-cabal-dev, libghc-cabal-dev-, Cabal-, Cabal-
libghc-containers-dev, libghc-containers-dev-, containers-, containers-
libghc-directory-dev, libghc-directory-dev-, directory-, directory-
libghc-extensible-exceptions-dev, libghc-extensible-exceptions-dev-, extensible-exceptions-, extensible-exceptions-
libghc-filepath-dev, libghc-filepath-dev-, filepath-, filepath-
libghc-ghc-binary-dev, libghc-ghc-binary-dev-, ghc-binary-, (ghc-binary-
, libghc-ghc-dev-7.0.1-66fcc, ghc-7.0.1, (ghc-7.0.1)
libghc-ghc-prim-dev, libghc-ghc-prim-dev-, ghc-prim-, ghc-prim-
libghc-haskell2010-dev, libghc-haskell2010-dev-, haskell2010-, (haskell2010-
libghc-haskell98-dev, libghc-haskell98-dev-, haskell98-, haskell98-
libghc-hpc-dev, libghc-hpc-dev-, hpc-, hpc-
libghc-integer-gmp-dev, libghc-integer-gmp-dev-, integer-gmp-, integer-gmp-
libghc-old-locale-dev, libghc-old-locale-dev-, old-locale-, old-locale-
libghc-old-time-dev, libghc-old-time-dev-, old-time-, old-time-
libghc-pretty-dev, libghc-pretty-dev-, pretty-, pretty-
libghc-process-dev, libghc-process-dev-, process-, process-
libghc-random-dev, libghc-random-dev-, random-, random-
libghc-rts-dev, , libHSrts.a, rts-1.0
libghc-template-haskell-dev, libghc-template-haskell-dev-, template-haskell-, template-haskell-
libghc-time-dev, libghc-time-dev-, time-, time-
libghc-unix-dev, libghc-unix-dev-, unix-, unix-
libghc-utf8-string-dev, ,
libghc-xhtml-dev, ,

There are some exceptions: There's no libghc-ghc-dev provided, but there is
libghc-ghc-dev-7.0.1-66fcc, the directory and the package.  There's no
libghc-rts-dev-VERSION-HASH, but there is libghc-rts-dev, the file (instead of the directory) and the package.  There's no libghc-utf8-string-dev-VERSION-HASH, nor directory, nor package, but there's libghc-utf8-string-dev.  The same holds for xhtml.

How should this be fixed: libghc-ghc-dev and libghc-rts-dev-VERSION-HASH should
be provided, and libghc-utf8-string-dev and libghc-xhtml-dev should be droped.
The problem about libghc-rts-dev-VERSION-HASH is that this information is not
given in ghc-pkg describe, so maybe this can be an exception.

About the ghc, utf8-string and xhtml packages, does anyone has a clue about
what caused these bugs?


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