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Re: hinotify

On 17/12/10 10:56 -0600, Joachim Breitner wrote:
Hi Andrew,

Am Donnerstag, den 16.12.2010, 21:28 -0500 schrieb R. Andrew Bailey:

Depending on your own motivation and goals, you can then eventually
start the New Maintainer process, in order to become a full Debian
Developer – which is always good, but my no means a requirement for
being a useful member of the DHG.

I would definitely like to do that. Perhaps working with the group now
would be a good way to warm up before taking on a package. I'll sign
up on Alioth now.

Now about hinotify, some questions and hits about the packaging, in
random order as I quickly look over it.

Did you subscribe to d-haskell? You should if you want to work in the
DHG, I’ll stop CC’ing you then.

yep, just last night!

You say it’s for a feature in xmobar. Does the xmobar package need to be
modified for that? If yes, did you talk with the xmobar maintainer (not
a member of the DHG) about that?

It will- the good news is that its enabled via an existing flag, so
the xmobar change will be pretty minimal. I haven't spoken to the
owner yet, as I figure he or she would be delighted to find that I had
already taken care of the dependency before asking that the feature be
enabled. I will do that now.

You checked in generated files such as .dsc and .tar.gz into your git
repository. This is uncommon, for good reasons; only check in manually
edited files. For the DHG repository, there are processes described on
the Debian wiki.

Will do- I've been checking everything in since I was initially a
little nervous that I'd lose files through my inexperience with the
tools. I'd was experimenting with changing the names of things to
satisfy dpkg-buildpackage, which you have (and I'm very grateful as it
was driving me crazy) answered in the next sentence :)

The source package name ought to read „haskell-hinotify“.

will fix at once!



p.s. also apologies for butchering some of the characters in the message, I
need to do a little mutt tweaking I think.


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