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Re: ghc6 6.12.1-6 in experimental; next one to unstable?


Am Dienstag, den 09.02.2010, 11:09 +0200 schrieb Kari Pahula:
> Hello.  I'd like to upload the next version of ghc6 to unstable.

Great! Thanks for your work so far.

> The downside of this is that we'd need to do sourceful uploads of some
> (most?) libraries, since they have a versioned dependeny on haddock.
> Are we up to that?

I think so. Marco recently got his account, so we can both do uploads. I
think we’ll split the dependency tree in a sensible way and just keep
building packages for a while :-)

> I'd still leave haddock as an unversioned dependency.  I may still
> split haddock into its own package and not have ghc6 Provide haddock.
> Not everyone needs it and it's quite large.

While we are at it: Should we remove haddock, hscolour etc. from the
library build dependencies, and make them a dependency of
haskell-devscripts? The rationale would be that the packaging scripts of
the libraries no longer actually call haddock or hscolour, and only
haskell-devscripts does. And if we, for some reason, stop using
hscolour, or switch to a different program etc. then we only need to
change one package.

(This would be another step in the direction: Lots of very simple
library packages, more intelligence in the special packages.)


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