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Re: build-depend on doc packages?

Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> writes:

>>> 1) no hyperlinks,
>>> 2) hyperlinks that will be broken unless other -doc packages are
>>> installed, or
>>> 3) hyperlinks that are guaranteed not to be broken, because the
>>> other -doc packages are install-depends?
>> The option I use is the 2nd, but the other -doc packages are
>> Recommends.  Notice that dh_haskell_depends will create the
>> ${haskell:Recommends} variable if you wish to use it, so it's kind of
>> the policy.
> 1) loses an important feature, while 3) might annoy people that want
> to save bandwidth/disk space. So 2) with recommends is really neat
> IMHO and should be best practice.

GHC alone[0] is already too annoying to install on a system where space
is tight, so I wouldn't worry about (3) making it worse.  Having said
that, my vote would be for (2).

[0]  280MB on ARM!  That's bigger than my entire internal disk!

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