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Re: build-depend on doc packages?


Am Montag, den 23.11.2009, 06:57 -0200 schrieb Marco Túlio Gontijo e
> > 1) no hyperlinks,
> > 2) hyperlinks that will be broken unless other -doc packages are
> > installed, or
> > 3) hyperlinks that are guaranteed not to be broken, because the
> > other -doc packages are install-depends?
> The option I use is the 2nd, but the other -doc packages are
> Recommends.
> Notice that dh_haskell_depends will create the ${haskell:Recommends}
> variable if you wish to use it, so it's kind of the policy. 

1) loses an important feature, while 3) might annoy people that want to
save bandwidth/disk space. So 2) with recommends is really neat IMHO and
should be best practice.


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