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Re: ∀lib: Debian(lib) >= Platform(lib)

Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> writes:

> If the platform is really meant to be for developers only, then there
> is no urgent need for distribution support.  Application developers
> are very likely to be using cabal anyways, or at least able to
> selectively install the libraries from the platform via apt-get.

With my upstream hacker hat on, I have tried to use "cabal-install" to
get build dependencies that weren't available in Debian at the time --
while still trying to use Debian packages for as much as possible.

It drove me completely insane, because of diamond dependency[0] problems
with parsec (3 vs. 2) and to a lesser extent regex-compat and old-time.

Regardless of whether haskell-platform is apt-gettable, having Debian
make a reasonable effort to avoid version differences between Sid and
hackage would make installing stuff "out of band" with cabal-install
much less sucky.

I'm assuming haskell-platform's dependency versions codify "what
cabal-install will pick" when I "cabal install foo" and foo depends on
bar, where bar is included in haskell-platform.

[0] I hope "diamond dependency" is the right term for this.

> And when it comes to packaging applications that use the platform, we
> could just replace this dependency in the cabal file by the libraries
> that are actually used. (Which we probably should do in any case).

That seems reasonable, to me.

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