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∀lib: Debian(lib) >= Platform(lib)


I just adopted haskell-{network,parallel} for Debian and updated them to
the version specified in the current Haskell Platform (the changes were
really minor, for -parallel only .cabal file changes, but we want the
numbers to match). So as you can see here:
all library required by the platform are present, possibly in a newer

cabal-install is still missing. This should be easy to fix. Iain, you
filed the ITP for it at http://bugs.debian.org/537549. Are there any
blockers left?

alex and happy are outdate. I expect no issue there, if you know of any
(e.g. incompatibilities of the newer versions with stuff in Debian)
please shout now! Otherwise I say we adopt them for the DHG and update

Libraries that are newer in Debian will stay so, so we won’t be able to
support the platform fully. Now we have these options:

A) Claim to have good-enough platform-support and that’s it. People who
need to build non-debianized Haskell programs that depend on the
platform will have to get that from hackage (and then probably the
dependencies in the versions specified by the platform’s .cabal).

B) Upload a libghc6-platform-dev package to Debian, patched to refer to
„our“ Version numbers. Makes it easy for people to build stuff against
it, but things might break when „our“ Versions are not fully compatible
with the one promised by the official platform.

C) Upload a libghc6-platform-debian-dev package to Debian, which
provides a haskell-platform-debian package. This is identical to the
original platform besides the version numbers, but renamed to avoid
incompatibilities. People trying to build software will have to change
the build-depends in their .cabal file to haskell-platform-debian
manually, thus making them aware of the reason of possible build

Any other options? What do you think about these?


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