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Moving libraries' .haddock files to -dev packages

I'll be uploading GHC 6.10.4 soon.

Now that we'd be building Haskell libraries again, I'd like to bring
up .haddock files and binNMUs again.  I'd like to have .haddock files
moved from -doc packages to -dev packages.  They're arch independent
and, as such, could well stay in -doc packages but arch:all packages
don't currently get binNMUed along with arch:any packages.  I asked
about this on d-d recently[0] and IMHO it's better to not try to use
-doc packages as build dependencies currently.  Maybe later, when this
gets settled somewhat.
[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2009/07/msg00170.html

Ideally, -doc packages would contain the .haddock files and, when
issuing binNMUs to update ABIs, haskell libraries would be given
depwaits on both -doc and -dev packages.

The reason why I'd still like to push for having .haddock files in
-doc packages is that they aren't useful as build dependencies, but
also for generating an index for the libraries' APIs in ghc6-doc.
Currently the index is only generated for a library if both -doc and
-dev are installed, and that -dev would pull in everything, including
ghc6.  I'm assuming that someone would like to avoid that.

Moving .haddock files to -dev would mean that a build-dep on the
corresponding -doc package wouldn't be necessary.  But I'd still like
to ask to people leave them in, to future proof the packages if
.haddock files get moved back to -doc.

Fortunately, all that's needed for this is a small change in
haskell-devscripts.  I can NMU it (again) soon, along with uploading
ghc6, unless someone wants to say something about this.

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