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Re: Your haskell packages in the Debian Haskell Group?

Joachim Breitner wrote:

> Packages that are not Haskell libraries and should probably have a
> proper maintainer. (I would not object maintaining them under the hood
> of the Haskell Group, but since they are likely more complex than plain
> cabal libraries, I’d say there still needs to be someone feeling
> responsible for them, whether inside the Group or as a single
> maintainer):


> c2hs

As someone who still writes C and will be looking  at interfacing
C to Haskell in the near future, I'll pick up c2hs. I'll maintain
it within the group.

> These packages had not-yet-uploaded changes in the subversion
> repository. I applied them to the darcs respective repository, only
> changing the changelog header to UNRLEASED:
> haxml haskell-hsql haskell-hsql-mysql haskell-http haskell-regex-base

I'll also do haxml (I have a preliminary version  of 1.19.7 already
done) as well as haskell-http and haskell-regex-base. Again I'll
maintain these within the group.

I'll jump into all this on the weekend.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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