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Re: Your haskell packages in the Debian Haskell Group?

Op zaterdag 11-07-2009 om 13:51 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Joachim
> Hi Arjan,
> you might have noticed that we have created a Debian Haskell Group, to
> streamline haskell library packaging for Debian.

I have seen a lot of Haskell packaging activity indeed. It is nice that
there are so many people working on the Haskell packages now.

> A while ago you said that you had, for the time being, little time to
> maintain your Haskell packages. Some of your package have been NMUed
> since then, but the situation is suboptimal.
> Would you agree to have the group take over your packages for now?

At the moment I still have to little time for the Haskell packages. To
busy with work and doing chores in my new house.

So it would be best if my packages would be taking over by the group.

All my packages are in the pkg-haskell svn archive as you probably know.

> When you want to be more active later, you are welcome to take part in
> the Group, or take over your package again.

I hope to have more time after the summer, but we will see.

Greeting Arjan

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