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Re: Recipe for debianizing Haskell packages?

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On 8 Jul 2009, at 09:08, Ketil Malde wrote:

Is there a simple, up-to-date, recommended set of instructions I can
follow, with no previous knowledge about the structure of a .deb?

cabal-debian is a great helper, but it's no substitute for knowing how to package, so long as you intend your packages to make it to the archive. Some packaging documentation like [1] would be a useful read for you.

You just need to run `cabal-debian --debainize' in the root of your cabal project and it will generate most of the files under debian/ for you (it should even build and run at this point). Then check them over manually for accuracy, give it a quick clean up and it should be ready. The copyright file is most likely to require the most attention (converting to DEP5[0] is probably a good idea).

haskell-utils as was suggested previously is a bit obsolete now. In fact there was a mail the other day about removing it. cabal-debian automates these steps for you.

Finally, there is the issue of group policy. I'm not sure what the current situation is regarding git vs darcs and so on so I'll let someone else (Joachim ;)) inform you about that. The wiki seems outdated here.


[0] http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/
[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/
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