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Re: haskell-ghc-mtl


Am Dienstag, den 07.07.2009, 12:02 -0300 schrieb Marco Túlio Gontijo e
> > It’s available now, but it seems that ghc-mtl nees a newer
> > monadcatchio:
> > 
> > Configuring ghc-mtl-
> > hlibrary.setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
> > MonadCatchIO-mtl >=
> > 
> > I set the distribution to UNRELEASED again, to indicate that this
> > package is not yet fit for upload.
> I don't get the meaning of the UNRELEASED tag.  At first I thought that it was
> related to how the package (the content of the debian/ directory) is; so, when
> the package was ok, and we were only waiting for the deps to reach the archive,
> they could be set to released, that is, unstable.
> I understand what you're suggesting is that UNRELEASED means that the package
> cannot be uploaded now.  So, we would have to wait for other uploads to, then,
> change the state of the packages.  If this is the case, then ghc-mtl would need
> to be UNRELEASED even if the dependency on MonadCatchIO-mtl was not versioned
> before it passes through NEW.  And this is the case of hint too, which depends
> on ghc-mtl.
> I think I like the first approach, because UNRELEASED will only be related to
> the state of the package, and not to the context of the archive.  In this case
> there will be packages that are ready to upload, but waiting for the
> dependencies.  In the other way, if the package is UNRELEASED, then it should
> be uploaded now, cause all the dependencies are ok.

My understanding is, put shortly, this: A distribution other than
UNRELEASED means „any DD with some minutes to spare may upload this
packge without changes“. If the DD’s architecture happen to not have all
the required packages available, then it’s bad luck, but does, as you
say not, not affect the state of the package.

In your case, though, I guess I was not clear or got it wrong myself:
The package depends on a new version of MonadCatchIO-mtrl:
$ cat ghc-mtl.cabal|grep MonadCatch
                      MonadCatchIO-mtl >=
but the build dependency on libghc6-monadcatchio-mtl-dev is unversioned.
I consider this a bug (it will cause buildds and unsuspecting users to
try a build that’s doomed to fail), so I put the package in UNRELEASED

After correcting the build-dependency, you or anyone else may set the
distribution to unstable again, so that I can build and upload the
corrected package – as soon as haskell-monadcatchio-mtl 0.2 has entered
the archive.

I hope this is a bit clearer now.


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