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Yay! pet.cgi is running


after some "sed -i s/svn/darcs pet.cgi" (or something close :-)), we got
a running instance of pet.cgi tracking our darcs repositories:


It might well be that some links and features don’t work yet correctly,
please tell me about it.

Also „Tagged but not in the archive (yet)“ should happen rarely. This
time it seems that Marco has chosen to start haskell-hint_0.3.1.0-2 even
though -1 was not uploaded. Or was it?

The data is updated once an hour. This could be sped up by posthook
integration, but now now :-)

So what else is there to see. Were there a package that’s not targed for
UNRELEASED, but without a corresponding tag, it were listed as „Ready
for upload“. I hope this shows the usefulness of this workflow.

Time to go to bed,

@pet-devel: I did put my changes in PET/Darcs.pm and
PET/RepoAccess/Darcs.pm. But I guess the former does not have a common
interface yet – if it had, we could probably merge the code back.

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