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Re: Bug#535967: Inconsistent state after removal.

Hi Marco,

Am Dienstag, den 07.07.2009, 09:08 -0300 schrieb Marco Túlio Gontijo e
> Em Mon, 6 Jul 2009 10:17:17 -0300
> Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva <marcot@riseup.net> escreveu:
> (...)
> > I'll try to reproduce it with --global in the prerm script.  If it
> > works, I'll prepare a haskell-devscripts package with this fix.
> It didn't worked.  I got the same problems with --global:

I wonder if that’s a bug with ghc-pkg. I’d expect that there must be a
way of preventing ghc-pkg to read any user database at all.

> [..]
> I've made a package with --force.  It's available at:
> http://debian.holoscopio.com/haskell-devscripts/haskell-devscripts_0.6.15+nmu12.d
> Joachim, can you upload it?

Kaol, can you comment on the ghc-pkg behaviour? Is "--force" the right
thing to do, or is there an alternative?

OTOH, even if this particular problem can be worked around, it’s
probably still correct to force the removal. After all, the package will
be gone afterwards, and any possible remaining pieces in the package
registry will be wrong.

(I guess we will be rid of these problems once we have a directory where
every package just dumps it’s config to. :-))


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