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Re: Please, package Codec.Binary.Base64 library

Hi Dimitry,

Am Dienstag, den 07.07.2009, 15:03 +0400 schrieb Dmitry E. Oboukhov:
> One of my packages (new upstream version of hedgewars) needs
> haskell module - Codec.Binary.Base64.

The package in question is haskell-crypto:

Dependencies are unproblematic: base (<3), HUnit, QuickCheck 

> Unfortunately I have no experience in haskell and cannot package this
> library. So I didn't try to write RFP.

You can always file RFP, even if you don’t know the package well. The
maintainer turning the RFP to an ITP will have to fill the missing bits.

In fact, please do file an RFP, so we have a bugnumber to close :-)

> Could enybody package this library (or write ITP)?

Sounds like a task for the DHG :-). Anyone particularly interested in
doing this application? Else I might upload it later.

BTW, Dimitry, NEW processing is slow at the moment, so don’t hold your
breath about it...


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