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Re: Debian Haskell Policy and group procedures

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On 3 Jul 2009, at 23:22, Joachim Breitner wrote:

The policy for Uploaders that I’m proposing is the one used by the DPG:
Whoever does a (non-trivial) change to a packge, especially whoever
triggers an upload, puts himself into the Uploaders: field.

This, first of all, ensures that the upload is not considered a NMU.
Additionally, the Uploaders: field reflects who cared for a package in
the past. This is more useful than the alternative, which would be
always including all team members in Uploaders.

I disagree with this. The uploaders field should be used to list co- maintainers of a package (tools such as DDPO reinforce this view), and as such it should be a deliberate choice to list oneself there. In my opinion Lintian gets it wrong here when a package is team maintained. There are plenty of circumstances where one may wish to touch a package but not commit to any kind of long term duty of care.

Having a selective Uploaders list for each package also allows for individuals to be prodded when there is some pressing issue that needs taking care of.

In short, having long Uploaders fields makes it worthless for its intended purpose in my opinion, not to mention the fact that the information about who has touched a package in the past is present in the changelog - that's what it's for. :)


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