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Re: First bits of collab infrastructure ready to go

Joachim Breitner wrote:

> If you didn’t know it, you can keep debian/changelog entries and git
> commit messages in sync by using:
> $ # do your changes
> $ dch "Your message"
> $ debcommit -a

You can also go the other way by committing changesets in git, and using
git-dch to propogate them to debian/changelog.

> I think it’s ok to go by git-buildpackage’s defaults, at least in the
> cases where we do not import an upstream repository. If we do, we need
> to check whether we want to separate between upstream and upstream-dist
> (i.e. the contents of upstream’s VCS and of upstream’s released
> tarballs).

That's probably OK overall, but inconvenient if upstream is also part of
the team, speaking selfishly.

>> 3) Uploading packages with changed Maintainer: lines.
> I’d say no need to do extra uploads for that, but we can make the change
> in git already to make sure the change is done with the next upload.

Makes sense.

> Greetings,
> Joachim

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