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Re: First bits of collab infrastructure ready to go


I uploaded haskell-x11, with all history I could easily get hold of
(snapshot.debian.net and my laptop). I also adjusted the maintainer
fields, documented that in the changelog, but kept a distribution of
"UNRELEASED" so that it’s clear that this is not meant to be uploaded
just now:

I also set the Vcs-* fields:

If you didn’t know it, you can keep debian/changelog entries and git
commit messages in sync by using:
$ # do your changes
$ dch "Your message"
$ debcommit -a

Note that the overview on http://git.debian.org/ needs a while to pick
up new repositories.

> Next steps:
> 1) Deciding on a set of best practices.  I suggested some on the wiki
> (use of --pristine-tar, branch naming, etc.)  We must agree on these if
> we are to have a working set of automated tools later.

I think it’s ok to go by git-buildpackage’s defaults, at least in the
cases where we do not import an upstream repository. If we do, we need
to check whether we want to separate between upstream and upstream-dist
(i.e. the contents of upstream’s VCS and of upstream’s released

I’ve made the experience that having upstream’s history in the packaging
git does not gain you much, and would be in favour of a „always use
git-import-dsc on released tarballs, ignore upstream’s git“ workflow.

> 3) Uploading packages with changed Maintainer: lines.

I’d say no need to do extra uploads for that, but we can make the change
in git already to make sure the change is done with the next upload.

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