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First bits of collab infrastructure ready to go

Hi folks,

I've finished setting up the first bits of collaborative infrastructure.
 It's not pretty, it's not slick, it's not fancy.  But it's there, and
it's working so far.

So here's where to look:

Start at http://wiki.debian.org/Haskell/CollabMaint

It has pointers on using Git, including basic Git packaging practices
and workflow.

The Alioth project, linked from there, has a commits mailing list which
will announce commits to any tracked Git repo in pkg-haskell.

There's also a maintainers mailing list, for use in Maintainer: lines.

I've put two packages up there already.

convertible, which was imported as if upstream didn't use git (using
git-import-dsc --pristine-tar over its history).  hdbc, which was
imported from the upstream git (and even darcs) history.

the Haskell/CollabMaint page has checkout instructions.

You can get a list of repos under collaborative maintanence on Alioth with:

jgoerzen@alioth:~$ ls /git/pkg-haskell
agda.git  convertible.git  hdbc.git

Ooo, and I see somebody else put agda.git out there too. Sweet.

You can also get a list from http://git.debian.org.

Next steps:

1) Deciding on a set of best practices.  I suggested some on the wiki
(use of --pristine-tar, branch naming, etc.)  We must agree on these if
we are to have a working set of automated tools later.

2) Writing the automated tools.

3) Uploading packages with changed Maintainer: lines.

4) Consider seting up a superrepo that uses submodules to pull in the


-- John

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