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Re: parsec 2/3 [was: Haskell platform?]

Magnus Therning <magnus@therning.org> writes:

> 2009/4/18 Clifford Beshers <clifford.beshers@gmail.com>:
>> Oh, duh, there's a cabal package for it.  That should make it trivial, once
>> cabal-debian is up to snuff.  I ran it (cabal-debian) and it failed because
>> we don't have all the opengl packages set up right, there were some version
>> problems which I suspect is the result of recent work, and there was a build
>> error because of missing haddock files, but all in all those look pretty
>> easy to clean up.
> When I looked at it yesterday it seems we need to upgrade a few
> packages (including ghc), we might need to downgrade a few (most
> notably the regex packages), and cabal-install needs to be packaged.

I'm told that the "haskell platform" will also standardize on Parsec 2.
There is a global override in the cabal-install code to prevent parsec-3
from every being installed to fulfil a dependency.  A lot of individual
upstreams also explicitly build-depend on parsec < 3, apparently because
"parsec 3 is slow".

Currently we have a a parsec 3 package, and an older parsec 2 package
which does not work with GHC 6.10.  Can someone please work out what's
going on with Parsec?  Should I be patching upstream .cabal files to
remove the "< 3" restriction, or should I wait for someone to put a
haskell-parsec2 package through NEW?

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