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Re: ANN: cabal-debian et el

At Sun, 5 Apr 2009 11:30:15 +0300,
Kari Pahula wrote:

> You shouldn't be using either, directly.  Instead, for each file in a
> -doc package that you are using, look up the package that it belongs
> into.

There is code in cabal-debian for mapping files back to the debian
packages that provide them. Though that code is currently not used for
finding the names of the -doc package dependencies.

If package A has hyperlinks to documents in package B, then the doc
package for A needs to depend on the doc package B. But, when
cabal-debian is run on package A, how does it know what the names of
the files in doc package for B are? If we can figure that out -- then
I think the rest is easy.

- jeremy

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