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Proposed removal of kernel AX.25 support


I am a maintainer for the libax25 and ax25-apps packages, and these
packages are not in great shape. These are userspace packages that
compliment the AX.25 networking support in the Linux kernel. I would
like to propose that we do not ship these packages, or otherwise use the
kernel AX.25 support, in the next Debian release.

Support for the AX.25 stack is currently not present on arm64 (#920651).
I am not sure if this is due to it being broken there or it simply
wasn't enabled. Regardless, it has been broken recently in ways that
seriously affect its usability. There are just not enough people looking
at it or taking care of it.

The userspace packages also have long standing bugs (#605946) that have
not been fixed by the upstream. In the last 2 releases of Debian we have
shipped release candidate packages as no release has been made.

The following packages would be affected and I propose would be removed:


The following packages would be affected and I propose should be built
without support for kernel AX.25:

xastir (checked, it's fine)
uronode (checked, it's fine)
aprsdigi (did not check if possible yet)
fbb (did not check if possible yet)

This is a change to something that's been around for a while, and it
affects more than just my packages, so I'm bringing this to the mailing
list for discussion. I have pretty much made up my mind that this is the
right thing to do but I will listen to compelling counter-arguments.


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