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Re: TESTING tlf-0.8.1 full network version

On Sunday 06 October 2002 11:29, Jaime Robles wrote:
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> El Vie 04 Oct 2002 22:54, Rein Couperus escribió:
> Hello!
> I have been testing tlf... and i have some problems...
> I can just press "enter" to enter a blank QSO... tlf accepts blank qsos and
> they give me 3 points and 2 mults in the band i enter it... and it does not
> count as "dupe" if you repeat the qso with the "Blank" station... just
> press enter to reproduce the bug.

Ok, I will change this...
> On the other side... i am having network problems...
> I am testing it with a wireless network.
> The two PC i am using see each other as the are side by side and the both
> of them has internet access without problems...
> That is just to say that i am not having network problems.... i think its
> tlf. My config:#
> PC-1
> ==============
> ==============
> PC-2
> ==============
> ==============
You should NOT add the ip address of the PC tlf is running on. So if
on node C the ip address of the PC is, you only need
accordingly, on node B  you only need
I will add a few lines to the doc for this...

2nd, you can check the connectivity by just pinging from node to node...
On my laptop which is connected to the lan via a 56k modem I have a ping time 
of 110 ms. between the other nodes on the lan abt. 1 ms.

Pse try the above, and report back... 

Meanwhile I will change the code for next version so tlf does not read its 
own ip address from logcfg.dat...

> I only get qsos from PC2 to PC1 and i have received only ONE cluster spot
> from PC1 to PC2.... (PC1 is the one with cluster access) and it was just at
> the begining... i mean i had PC1 running and then i started PC2 in tlf... i
> received a spot and then... no more spots nor qsos....
> Some qsos are missed and the ones that arrive are late...
> In my actual configuration it is still not possible to take part in a
> contest due to big delay and no communication.
> I have "nmaped" each PC from the other and they see the other's tlf's udp
> port...
> How can i send a "talk" to the other stations?

Talk with "texttexttext

> I am using "Debian stable/testing" with 2.4.18.
> AMD-K6+96RAM
> Pentium III+128RAM
> So i think it is not a hardware issue.
> That's my report :-)

tnx for the report Jaime...

73, Rein PA0RCT
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