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Re: tlf-0.8.1 full network version is ready for testing


I downloaded the doc.html file as well, and it is looking for (at least) four 
jpgs that are not on the website in an obvious place. They ARE however in the 
tarball tlfmanual-0.5.2 . Are these older jpgs still current ?


On Thursday 03 October 2002 02:59 pm, Rein wrote:
> I just uploaded tlf-0.8.1 and the adapted tlfdoc.html to
> http://sharon.esrac.ele.tue.nl/pub/linux/ham/tlf
> Version 0.8.1 is the long-awaited (by some) networked version for
> multi/single and multi/multi operation.The network can contain up to 8 (or
> 64) tlf nodes, which share log, dx_cluster data, bandmaps, frequency data,
> local talk, serial numbers etc. via a simple/fast udp protocol.
> I tested it using the simulator for cqww and wpx with 4 nodes, with
> spectacular qso rates...; other contests are single op only for the moment.
> I also updated the logcfg.dat examples for cqww, wpx and EU SPRINT (next
> weekend!).
> Test reports please to PA0RCT@AMSAT.ORG
> 73, and happy testing...
> Rein PA0RCT
> P.S. Version 0.7.4 would not compile correctly without the Hamlib library,
> this has been corrected in 0.8.1

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