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Re: tlf-0.8.1 full network version is ready for testing

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El Jue 03 Oct 2002 21:59, Rein escribió:

> Version 0.8.1 is the long-awaited (by some) networked version for
> multi/single and multi/multi operation.The network can contain up to 8 (or
> 64) tlf nodes, which share log, dx_cluster data, bandmaps, frequency data,
> local talk, serial numbers etc. via a simple/fast udp protocol.
I have some technical questions and a few "wishes" for the next version...

The main problem i have detected in CT when using a multi/multi configuration 
is the next issue.
Just imagine you have several stations with several PC connected running CT.. 
some times the RF causes some errors in the transmision of contest data.... 
so as the contest goes, scoring starts to be different on each PC-station.... 
and at the end of the contest you have several computers with different 
number of qsos and different score...

Does tlf take care of this problem?
Maybe an error protocol could be designed to fix that.
Maybe based on the score and/or the serial number...
If you add the serial number of the last qso worked on each packet you send to 
the net, you can check it on all the stations and then ask for qsos you have 
I am with Rein in the use of udp... because the same rf problem you cannot use 
tcp as the connection would be broken quite often... but i think it is very 
important some kind of error-control-protocol...

Do you know what i mean?

On the other hand i have been reading the tlfdoc and i like the way you have 
solved the problem of the station ID but maybe you could save some "bytes" 
without that... maybe the IP number would be enought for that...
You can just name the stations with their IP and then in the program 
controlling who is each IP.... some packets at the begining of the program to 
identify each station and then no more packets with the "station's name", 
just the IP.

The talk function is important ;-) and maybe a "private talk"... to inform 
just one operator without disturbing the rest... but that would be just for 
the TODO list ;-)

The main issue on the net chapter for me is the error control. :-)
I am going to test tlf network just know. :-)'''

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