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tlf-0.8.1 full network version is ready for testing

I just uploaded tlf-0.8.1 and the adapted tlfdoc.html to 

Version 0.8.1 is the long-awaited (by some) networked version for multi/single
and multi/multi operation.The network can contain up to 8 (or 64) tlf nodes,
which share log, dx_cluster data, bandmaps, frequency data, local talk, 
serial numbers etc. via a simple/fast udp protocol.

I tested it using the simulator for cqww and wpx with 4 nodes, with 
spectacular qso rates...; other contests are single op only for the moment.

I also updated the logcfg.dat examples for cqww, wpx and EU SPRINT (next 

Test reports please to PA0RCT@AMSAT.ORG

73, and happy testing...


P.S. Version 0.7.4 would not compile correctly without the Hamlib library, 
this has been corrected in 0.8.1

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