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Re: Meta-gnome3 dependency on xul-ext-adblock-plus (Bug #689858)

On 04/06/13 11:29, Johannes Rohr wrote:
> while I do use adblock plus with Iceweasel, it seems a bit arbitrary to me that
> the gnome meta package declares a dependency on it. Adblock plus is not part of
> the GNOME desktop. In addition, it pulls in  iceweasel which also isn't. What is
> the rationale behind this decision?
> Until now, I had assumed, that the policy regarding Debian's GNOME desktop was
> to closely reflect the official GNOME desktop as defined by upstream. I see that
> the gnome metapackage is not totally strict on that, but still, most packages
> which are not part of the official GNOME release are suggests or recommends, not
> depends. Why this exception, for a package which isn't even based on the GNOME
> platform?

IIRC, The GNOME web browser is epiphany. However the GNOME task (which we don't
maintain) doesn't install that in a default install, but installs iceweasel
instead. Therefore we switched the metapackage to match that and added adblock
because that's some important functionality that epiphany has by default.


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