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Re: Problems since apt-get upgrade (partially solved)

El mié, 18-01-2006 a las 21:15 -0500, Luis M escribió:
> I took a /etc/X11 directory from a computer that worked and diff'ed it
> against the same dir on a computer that showed this error and i
> couldn't find the reason for this problem.
> After i moved /etc/X11 and untar'ed the other dir in its place,
> everything worked fine. This ruled out any ~/.Xmodmap file or anything
> like that in my $HOME. The problem is with something inside /etc/X11.
> Ah, and it's not simply the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

I disagree with you, in my case, I normally log in with locales for
German. Today I tried with es_ES.UTF-8 and I had no error, so the
problem is whit Gnome.

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