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Re: gnome 2.8 regressions

Sanchez the Cactus wrote:

I've gotten gnome 2.8 out of experimental, and noticed the following

keyword here is _experimental_

1) logout no longer does the GDM communication thing to allow me to
shutdown/reboot from the logout window

have not seen this yet. have too many windows open to just quit to GDM

2) mime type handling is messed up:  .ps files open in KGhostView, with no
options for anything else, .jpg files open in some KDE image viewer, with the
option of opening in 2 other KDE image viewers, but no EOG.  .abw has no
associated applications... i'm sure there are more that I haven't encountered

Everything is working fine for me. If file has no application associated with it
Right Click -> Properties -> Open With

This also may be helpful to you


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