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Re: Need for a printconf package

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 02:17:12AM -0500, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> On Jun 22, Michael Banck quoted Daniel:
> > > Just like etherconf, printconf would "only" handle 90 % of the cases,
> > > imposing Debian's prefered spooler and filters because in 90 % of the
> > > cases, they don't matter. Thus, printconf would depend on, say, cups and
> > > foomatic-*, and use libprinterconf0 to detect parallel, USB and network
> > > printers. printconf would also provide a debconf frontend to
> > > foomatic-configure (à la foomatic-gui) and mention the weird
> > > http://localhost:631/ (CUPS configuration).

Notice that foomatic-gui doesn't even have an entry in the gnome menu.

> This stuff is trivially easy with anything USB or IEEE 1284 parallel.
> The pain is really getting network printers right--CUPS will normally
> Do The Right Thing automagically with other CUPS servers with Browsing
> On and BrowseAddress set to @LOCAL, but Samba and JetDirect etc. take
> some manual probing.

This is on the server or client ? 


Sven Luther

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