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Re: Need for a printconf package

On Jun 23, Sven Luther wrote:
> Notice that foomatic-gui doesn't even have an entry in the gnome menu.

Now fixed in 0.6.7 in CVS.

> > This stuff is trivially easy with anything USB or IEEE 1284 parallel.
> > The pain is really getting network printers right--CUPS will normally
> > Do The Right Thing automagically with other CUPS servers with Browsing
> > On and BrowseAddress set to @LOCAL, but Samba and JetDirect etc. take
> > some manual probing.
> This is on the server or client ? 

Server; /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.  The idea is you run a server on each
box with printers attached to it, then point clients at one of the

BTW, I have a working (I think) printconf for local printers; I'll
build the necessary packages and put them up somewhere shortly.

Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> - http://blog.lordsutch.com/

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