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2 Problems

Hello all,

I have 2 problems that really bother me, and i have no idea how to solve them.

Problem 1:
Nautilus has some weird pattern of making little thumbnail images. Sometimes when i download images from my digital camera and put them into a directory they automatically show up as thumbnails in a default nautilus directory view, but sometimes they just show up as a generic JPG image icon. Same thing happened to the images that had existed before 2.6 upgrade. Does anyone have a clue why this may be happening ?

Problem 2:
Again, after 2.6 upgrade and disappearance of acme, I am not able to get Multimedia Keys on my keyboard to work. This is a Microsoft Natural Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard and i had to define keycodes in my ~/.Xmodmap When I run the "Keyboard Shortcuts" and assign keys to specific shortcuts they do get registered and everything seems fine. xev(1) reports key presses, however, nothing is happening. Neither of the shortcuts works.

Thanks in advance,

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