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Re: GConf in Debian Sarge

Le lun 21/06/2004 à 19:05, Havoc Pennington a écrit :
> I can give you the basic idea anyway:
>  - on startup, create a pipe
>  - on the read end of the pipe, set up a GLib main loop IO watch
>  - in the signal handler, write one byte to the pipe
>  - in the IO watch handler, read one byte, then reload the 
>    configuration; or to be extra cool, queue an idle that reloads
>    the configuration, which will help compress multiple reload requests

Oh, I see. But maybe it's a bit overkill: wouldn't it be simpler to just
use the periodic cleanup function which is already run every 30s?
Compared with the time an upgrade generally takes, waiting for at most
30s for the new schemas to be available would be enough.

> > I've already been told not to do that, but that's what Debian are
> > usually doing. However, if the system administrator wants to change
> > these defaults, he has to run gconftool again.
> Right, but the sysadmin will be modifying local configuration, local
> configuration goes in /etc

That's why I'm suggesting to separate the sysadmin's defaults from the
package's defaults.

> Maybe an additional schemas-only source could go in /var/lib, but I
> don't think gconf.xml.defaults (which is modified by the local admin)
> should go in /var/lib. gconf.xml.defaults contains configuration made by
> the local admin.

That's understood. I changed the name in my prototype, though, so that
the directory name doesn't remain, as it'll be hard in the long term to
ensure it is completely clean.
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