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Removing entries in Preferences -> Advanced -> Files & Programs

I would like to remove some custom entries in my gnome MIME links.
Eg for .avi I had a mplayer entry (because I used to watch .avi with
mplayer), and mplayer with gui, totem and aviplayer in the .avi
contextual menu.

Recently, mplayer stopped accepting file:/// URIs. So clicking on .avi
files did not work anymore.

I would like to remove the entries for mplayer of the .avi mime
association. I found something in .gnome/mime-info, but it looks
autogenerated, and man pages are bad enough that it is not possible
for me to know where the information comes from.

There is no way for me to do this, but removing the whole .avi entry 
(and I do not want that). I would simply like to go back to the default.

I use Gnome 2.6 coming from unstable.

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