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Re: Removing entries in Preferences -> Advanced -> Files & Programs

Jean-Christophe Dubacq wrote:

> I would like to remove some custom entries in my gnome MIME links.
> Eg for .avi I had a mplayer entry (because I used to watch .avi with
> mplayer), and mplayer with gui, totem and aviplayer in the .avi
> contextual menu.
> Recently, mplayer stopped accepting file:/// URIs. So clicking on .avi
> files did not work anymore.
> I would like to remove the entries for mplayer of the .avi mime
> association. I found something in .gnome/mime-info, but it looks
> autogenerated, and man pages are bad enough that it is not possible
> for me to know where the information comes from.
> There is no way for me to do this, but removing the whole .avi entry
> (and I do not want that). I would simply like to go back to the
> default.

You can change the contextual menu entries and/or the default action by
right-clicking an AVI file and choosing "Open With: Other Application."
Then select the mplayer entries, press Modify, and choose "Don't include
in the menu..."

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