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Re: gdm issues

Le Thu, 20 May 2004 17:41:29 -0400
Luis M <lemsx1@latinomixed.com> a _crit:

> Since no one seems to be using gdm, i have to answer this post to
> myself.
> I have downloaded gdm2.6 and install it in /usr/local/. After I set it
> up (using gdm-setup), I can login/logout and never see the problem
> mentioned previously. So, it's definitely a gdm2.4 thing.
> I'll try to make a package for it and I'll post it here if anybody is
> interested.
> (unless there is a gdm2.6 package somewhere and I don't know about
> it).

I've got one packaged over Gnome2.6 libs (from experimental) :


binary & source are included. Binary might miss some features like LDAP,
you might need to recompile it from source. It corrects the
localized language bug too.


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