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gdm issues

Hello all,

Lately when I logout to login as a different user, gdm displays an error
saying that another X server is running and it tries to start X no
matter what I do. I have posted a few possible solutions in:


(Scroll down to read about the error message).


"There already appears to be an X server running on display :0.  Should
I try another display number? ..."

For my gdm.conf, I copy the factory-gdm.conf file and manually edited
the entries I need (or care for). But essentially it matches my old
gdm.conf. The new entries read as:


AlwaysRestartServer=true # this is ignored. if i put "false" it restarts
X regardless

FirstVT=7 # this seems to be the default anyway
VTAllocation=false # this is ignored. No matter what you put here gdm
tries to allocate a vts

DoubleLoginWarning=false # this is ignored. no matter what you put here
you still see a "you are logged in in another session" and gives you the
3 buttons to: Abort, Ignore, Login to last session. Abort works, the
other two just take you back to gdm to re-login, and of course you see
the same message until you CTRL+ALT+FN (where N is a number from 6 to
9), and you have to CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE whatever X servers are running
else where.

I really don't know how to fix this problem. I believe the problem got
introduced when I installed gnome-volume-manager, which pulls udev on
I enabled debug in gdm.conf and i can see in the syslog all kinds of
things when things failed. The most curious of all is that udev seems to
create and remove the vc* dev entries. Maybe X/gdm need those and when
removed gdm has no way to close the X servers, so, it doesn't properly
restart them? I don't know.

Here is a list of what I have installed:

ii  gdm        GNOME Display Manager

ii  xserver-xfree8 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 the XFree86 X server

and running Gnome2.6 from the usual Experimental places (with all the
latest bleeding edge stuff): Alioth and my favorite Debian mirror.

Any help appreciated.

P.S. is there a way that gdm 2.6 can be packaged? say as gdm2.6 or
something for those of us who might want to take the plunge. I'm about
to start compiling the source locally and install in /usr/local to see
if that makes any difference. 

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