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Re: Change Default Behavior in Nautilus 2.6 To Navigational?

Amaya wrote:
> > One way is to set the "/apps/nautilus/preferences/always_use_browser"
> > key in gconf (using gconftool-2 or gconf-editor).
> Gee, thanks, this made my day!

This made my day too.  That was easy.

Is there any plan to make this kind of thing more easily know-able?  I'm
not sure I ever would have figured that out except by asking.  I suppose
I might eventually have thought to start walking through the gconf keys,
but it'd be nice to have some more obvious place to look for questions
like this.

For example, if all gconf keys and their meaning were in a file in
/usr/share/doc/(whatever package), one could easily search through that
file to find settings that aren't otherwise accessible from the GUI

Does anyone know if there is any plan within Gnome to make this sort of
information more accessible?
Adam Kessel

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