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Re: Gnome Volume Manager

On Sat, May 15, 2004 at 03:24:40PM -0400, Luis M wrote:
> I know this stuff is extremely experimental. But, if there are packages
> for it it means that "it works" (at least for some people).
> Does anybody have more experience using gvm and could point me in the
> right direction? I believe that the messages are not getting through
> from HAL to gvm (the message bus doesn't work?). But, I'm clueless.

I just checked and it seems that gvm has been broken due to the new cvs
checkout of hal. I was actually waiting for a newer hal cvs checkout upload, 
which should fix some bugs and would break compatibility with gvm (again) :)

I'll try to upload a new gvm tonight, which should bring hal and gvm in sync

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