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Gnome Volume Manager

Hello all,

Simple question, I've installed gnome-volume-manager (gvm) in at least 2
computers (running 2.6.6 kernel) and although I have read the README
files and all relevant man pages, I have not been able to make it work.
HAL works perfectly and as soon as CDs/DVDs or any other removable
media, gets recognized, HAL shows it (hal-device-manager).

A few things I have done:
The /etc/fstab has lines allowing the users to mount media. I can mount
the media as myself by simply doing:

mount /dev/hdc (for CDs). Which is the command that gvm would execute
according to the README.

I added udev rules for my system so that /dev/hdc is a block device and
"cdrom" is a symlink pointing to hdc. (I use /dev/hdc in the fstab file
as suggested in a few posts I have read so far from google).

I know this stuff is extremely experimental. But, if there are packages
for it it means that "it works" (at least for some people).

Does anybody have more experience using gvm and could point me in the
right direction? I believe that the messages are not getting through
from HAL to gvm (the message bus doesn't work?). But, I'm clueless.

Thanks in advanced.

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