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Re: Minimal Base Install.

<quote who="Weaver">

> > Why do you think you need them if you don't know what they are? What
> > indicates to you that you need them?
> I need something as a bridge from login to the desktop.
> Obviously with gdm and mouse action I've got xserver-xfree86 configured, 
> but I can't access the applications.
> The session doesn't establish itself.

Right, you need a window manager, and optionally something to launch your
applications. I've given you two good minimal solutions: sawfish or wmaker.

> I think, reluctantly, that I have to look at packages like 'gnome-core' 
> with a list of dependencies as long as my arm, and probably 50MBs in weight.
> The world simply wasn't designed for me.
> How stupid of them.

No, I think you're just being silly yourself, and not looking in the right
places. If you aren't actually interested in GNOME, think of something else!

- Jeff

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