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Re: "debian menu" in gnome's "Applications" menu

and it isnt my choice but to do as he says :-)  i wish i was my own
boss, but until then i'm tied up.  i've found to the code to disable the
debian menu, but i still hope this is addressed in some way or another
for others

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 21:18, Miles Bader wrote:
> Marcos Pinto <markybob@capitolcreag.com> writes:
> > then provide a separate package without it coded in for people who dont
> > want/need the debian menu.  did you read why i wanted it gone in the
> > first place?  debian needs to address such uses
> Why?  It's pretty bizarre request (just because your boss says it's
> `confusing' doesn't mean it's actually confusing).
> -Miles

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