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Re: "debian menu" in gnome's "Applications" menu

<quote who="Marcos Pinto">

> i'm currently working very hard on deploying debian (testing w/gnome) in a
> corporate desktop environment.  the main problem i'm having right now is
> making the "applications" menu less confusing for the user.  i've pretty
> much configured all of the submenus and renamed everything to make it easy
> to understand, but now my problem is that below every submenu there's the
> "debian menu".  to make it newbie-proof and to conform to my boss'
> request, i need to get rid of the "Debian Menu".  i've researched this and
> attempted various things with no success.  any help you all could give is
> very much appreciated.  thanks for the help. 

You're going to have to patch the gnome-panel source.

- Jeff

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