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Re: 2.6 Keyboard capplet

Luis M <lemsx1@latinomixed.com> writes:
> > When I upgraded on of my machines to 2.6 the first time I logged in it
> > informed me that my xmodmap file would be ignored, and to use the
> > keyboard capplet.
> Same here, and I'm glad Gnome 2.6 does this :-) 

The `keyboard capplet' I see (I'm using Gnome 2.6 from experimental)
doesn't look very useful though -- it basically allows you to change a
few modifier type things and select your keyboard type from a list (my
keyboard, of course, isn't on the list :-( ), but seems to offer no way
of doing any real key rebinding.

Using xmodmap, I knew how to do key rebinding, and could even use the
`xkeycaps' program to make it easy, but the new xkb infrastructure seems
crazily complicated and hard to understand, so I'm not sure what the
hell I'm supposed to do (the docs are typical X docs -- full of every
detail, but almost no high-level guidance).  I suppose xmodmap was also
cryptic, but at least it was familiar.

So is there any reasonably simple way to rebind a key in the new order?

[FWIW, what I want to do is make Shift-ESC yield "asciitilde".]


"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that
 you do it."  Mahatma Gandhi

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