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Re: 2.6 Keyboard capplet

On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 16:17, Charles Voelger wrote:
> When I upgraded on of my machines to 2.6 the first time I logged in it
> informed me that my xmodmap file would be ignored, and to use the
> keyboard capplet.

Same here, and I'm glad Gnome 2.6 does this :-) 

> I had my xmodmap setup such that the "Windows" key would accent certain
> characters needed for esperanto ("chjs" given the circumflex "^") anyway
> there is no way to do something similar from the kayboard capplet as far
> as I can tell. 
> I enabled a compose key, but I cannot compose the needed characters (it
> only works on certain characters)  Can some one help me with either
> making compse work on the consonants I need, or on customizing the
> keyboard capplet settings to do something that will work ?

Same here, but I had the left Windows key doing the Gnome Menu and the
right Windows key do the Run Application... and the Menu key is the
compose. Now Gnome 2.6 does this by "default" except the compose key of
course. What you need to do is to select your keyboard layout in the
Gnome Keyboard applet: Applications->Desktop Preferences->Keyboard. Then
under "Layouts" choose your keyboard models. Make sure "selected
layouts" matches your language of choice, and finally go to Layout
Options and select what you want your compose key to be.

I'm sure you did something of this sort; I'm being explicit so that we
are all in the same page. In my case, I use one of those nifty Natural
keyboards and all functions worked fine (under US English). If Esperanto
doesn't work as it should (i.e. you hit your Compose key, then a vowel
and then ' to get é for instance) then you should probably file a bug
upstream :-)

Just in case, make sure that you don't have these keys setup (gconf):

It might help also to run "xkeycaps" after using the Gnome Keyboard
control panel to make sure your keys are where they should be.

Hope this helps.

Luis M 
System Administrator/Web Developer 

Oh, I've seen copies [of Linux Journal] around the terminal room at The
Labs. -- Dennis Ritchie 


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