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Re: Upload of GNOME 2.6 to unstable

On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Martin Schulze wrote:

> James Curbo wrote:
> > >Does Debian do "point" releases?
> > 
> > Yes, and as a matter of fact a new revision of woody is about to come 
> > out. (3.0r3)
> Please take into account that there is no way we would update an entire
> GNOME system in such an update.  The updates are only meant to suck up
> all those security patches, fix a few very critical bugs and correct
> license issues.

That policy really ought to be relaxed to at least include important, but not
necessarily critical updates (e.g. fixes annoying, but not destructive, should
become an acceptable reason. See #221404 for an example of what SHOULD become an
acceptable revision item.

Martin-Éric Racine, ICT Consultant

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