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Gedit not upgraded on upgrade to 2.6 (and other minor problems)

I've just successfully upgraded to 2.6 by using
"aptitude -t experimental install gnome-desktop-environment"

I only had two minor problems during the upgrade
a) I had the following lines in /etc/apt/preferences:
Package: *
Pin: release a=testing
Pin-Priority: 990

This pinning wasn't overridden by the -t argument to aptitude (or
apt-get). To get the upgrade to work I had to remove the lines from
preferences and set APT::Default-Release "testing" in apt.conf instead.

b) On logging in I got an error message telling me that "gnome settings
daemon" had restarted too many times. Rebooting the computer solved

There seems to be one larger problem with the packaging, gedit doesn't
get upgraded. Furthermore the 2.4 version crashes with the following
"gedit: relocation error: gedit: undefined symbol:

I can manually upgrade gedit to 2.6 and everything is fine.
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